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Born on 02.09.1988 in St.-Gallen (Switzerland), the italian/ spanish native deejay and music producer Simone Iezzi also known as Cristian Corona, made his dream became reality and started his music career at the age of 16. With the passion and love to create his own sound, and the hunger to develop his very unique style, the deejay had the chance to share his talent in different locations and events all over Switzerland. 

In 2010 Cristian Corona had the opportunity of showing his skills in front of a bigger audience in Basel (Switzerland) for a well known international „DJ Contest“ and was qualified 2nd in this competition. This made a big impact in his music career and gave him the chance to share his talent in a very well known club in Italy (Baia Imperiale). With this experience, Cristian Coronaknew that the time was right, to continue his path into the music business and evolved into a household name in different clubs and events all over Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

In 2016, Cristian Corona joined force with the indie music label „Clamore Records (CH, U.K.) and find the right parnter, to share his vision with the world! 




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